*UPDATE* Negative Cuomo Comments on Fred Dicker Show

A must-read editorial by the New York Post provides a potential motive behind Governor Cuomo’s recent comments on the Fred Dicker Show and continued inaction on the state’s SGEIS.  The paper is the first outlet to note that the Governor may be intentionally slow-walking the regulations so they are never released. According to the editorial: “this delay could invite another public comment period — translating into further delay, possibly leading to the state’s four-year-plus moratorium on fracking never being lifted.” The Post editorial also includes  a few of the worst nuggets from the governor’s interview on Fred’s show yesterday and highlights how those comments are at odds with statements made by officials at the U.S. EPA and just about every other credible source that has examined hydraulic fracturing.  Full Story

3 comments on “*UPDATE* Negative Cuomo Comments on Fred Dicker Show
  1. Dawn says:

    He is simply waiting until the capital gains tax increases.

  2. Jim - Proud Member says:

    I was afraid of that as far as Cuomo’s comments. He’s in favor of Natural gas as Obama is in favor of it which is not at all. The cards are so heavily stacked against us that I just don’t see this ever happening. Nonetheless Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !

  3. william peterson says:

    Keep it up big boy and guess who’ll I’ll NOT vote for…

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