Cuomo Spreads Soul Sickness

Governor Cuomo…

I read with almost amusement if it weren’t so sad your comments in the paper this morning…you talked about the election of Donald Trump…you mentioned that so many of you feel soul sick…

Let me tell you about being “soul sick”…you robbed the land owners of New York State of their right to harvest the natural resources from their land.  The land that they have paid taxes on for years.  That makes me “soul sick”.

You robbed us of the opportunity to help our kids and now grandkids…of helping them with their college education…That makes me “soul sick”.

You robbed our businesses of business…that makes me “soul sick”.

You robbed our farmers of being able to improve their farms…that makes me  “soul sick”.

You robbed us of one of our best friends moving to Tennessee because of high taxes here in New York…that could have been avoided if they had money from their harvest of their resources…that makes me “soul sick”.

You robbed my brother, who died before he could benefit from the right to his resources on his land, he fought long and hard for his rights, but you denied them.  Not to mention other friends who have died or are now in nursing homes.   This makes me “soul sick”.

I am not a bitter person and I won’t let this make me bitter if though I could very easily.   You have robbed, stolen, and taken our rights and now you are “soul sick” because a man gets elected fair and square….

The “deplorables” fought back with their vote and now you are “soul sick”.

This letter could go on for pages about how YOU have hurt New Yorkers…but will end with this…

As you reflect this Thanksgiving in your big home, with all your friends and family, with all your trimmings, take a moment to think of those you have hurt, those you have robbed, and maybe find it in your heart to change and turn this around.  It is never to late to right a wrong.


Karen Ballard, and David Ballard, Jeff and Kathy Heller, John Bloise, and Mary Hickey

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